The church’s chief task is to worship the One True God. Some have said that the chief task of the church is evangelism. Evangelism is certainly an important task, but evangelism is important precisely because worship is so important. In evangelism, we call men, women, and children to turn from their sin, put their faith in Jesus Christ, and to worship the Triune God. Evangelism exists for the sake of worship. Evangelism calls men to worship God.

There is one True God who created the world and all that is in it.  He sustains it and governs all things by the counsel of His will. He has redeemed a people for Himself through the perfect life and sacrifice of Jesus Christ. He is worthy of worship! It is the church’s task to worship together as a body, as families, and as individuals.

We follow what is called “the regulative principle of worship”. That means that we seek to worship God as He commands and as He commands alone. Since the object of worship is God, not man, worship is all about Him and not us. Worship at Bethel Reformed OPC is simple in structure and is all about giving God the glory, honor, and praise that He is due. Preaching is central to worship and Pastor Vern usually preaches an Old Testament sermon during one service and a New Testament sermon during the other. Pastor Vern preaches expository sermons, usually through whole books of the Bible, explaining and applying the Bible to all of life.

As well as hearing the Bible read and proclaimed, we sing praise to God, pray, give tithes and offerings, confess our sins, and profess our faith together. The Lord’s Supper is celebrated every other month and Baptism is administered as needed.

For an order of worship please see our bulletins’ page.

We love visitors! Come and join us in worshiping our Great God!